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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Two more stepper motors

Got the two Stepper Motor Control Boards completed last night. Soldering is starting to speed up a small bit so hopefully I can blast through the remaining boards. I didn't actually plug in and test the two boards yet as I don't have my own PSU and I didn't want to fiddle with Wade's while a good build was in progress.

In other good news Wade seems to have his new extruder going well and sorted out the skips on the x-axis. So he's currently printing out a set of extruder parts for me. Oh I also set up the shuttle in the workshop. Man the shuttle is light. I wish I'd bought a shuttle years ago when I used to go to lan parties. Would have saved so much lugging.

As usual some photos of the current work.

Last set of Diodes to do.

Making some progress.

All done!

Here's the shuttle in its new home. Neo looks impressed.

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  1. Hi Barry. Love seeing your blog and reading about your progress. I actually work here in Toronto (Financial District) and came accross your peg on the Google Maps mashup through the site. Have there been any updates on the project?