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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Finished first stepper motor

Got a chance last night to have a go at some more soldering for the reprap. With Wade's help, overlooking my dodgy soldering I managed to get my first Stepper Motor control board completed. I was able to speed up the soldering a bit my making sure to keep the solder tip well tinned. Still I'm fairly crap at it and surprised I didn't melt anything. Its pretty cool to be able to plug my first reprap board into the power supply of a fully functioning reprap that's alive and kicking, printing out an extruder head.

Wade's also going to put me in contact with the two other guys he traded a set of parts for beer. Hopefully we can get collaborate on our builds. If there's any other Toronto based reprappers might be worth setting up a user group.

Anyway here are a few more photos:

This is my workspace, ah doesn't the mac book just look cosy nestled in there.

Stepper Motor Control Board v1.2 number 1 where I left off.

Power supply and voltage controller added.

All finished, heat sink, ethernet jacks, and more.

Plugged into the psu on Wade's reprap its comes alive. Thunderbirds are GO!

Just wanted to post this up, this is a part off Wade's machine. Its a little messed up as the y-axis appears to have slipped a tooth but the reprap lettering and symbol came out really well.

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