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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Halfway through two more stepper motors control boards

Got a chance to do some work on the reprap yesterday. With Wade's advice on began soldering the remaining two stepper motors at the same time to speed things up. This was really good at speeding things up except for when I tried do all the diodes at once. The unsoldered diodes with their wires still attached acted as heat sinks so it was almost impossible to melt the solder. It took around 3 diodes of battling for me to figure out what was going on.

I'd hope to get a bit more done this weekend but I ended up getting food poisoning which layed me low.

Anyway here's a few photos:

Laying everything out before I get started, hey I knew all those hours of technic lego/meccano would serve me well.

Turns out a Sharpie pen is perfect height for balancing the board on while soldering the chip socket.

Putting in all the diodes at once, this was a stupid idea as they just acted as heat sinks

This is me trying to be arty.

Got the diodes completed on one board before the squirts forced me into full retreat.

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