This blog follows my attempts to build a reprap system.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Got a diode backwards and another board finished

So Wade was having a look over the two boards I finished last night and spotted that one was backwards. He showed me how to desolder with solder wick and sorted it out for me. This is the third time he's spotted me doing something wrong and steered me clear before I blew anything up.

In other related reprapping new I got the DC motor board finished. This was a much denser board but didn't have any of those bloody diodes. Wade's reprap seems to be doing well at the moment, there's some clutching issues with the extruder motor but he's tweaking the config to play around with it.

Here's a few photos of what I've done:

The bottom right diode is the offending member post repair.

One DC motor kit pre soldering.

One DC motor kit post soldering. I've yet to stick in the chips and solder on the interface wires, called it a night a bit early.


  1. Hello there. Me and a friend are considering building a reprap as well. I was wondering where one could acquire the plastic components for the extruder head and body components? The foundation website appears to be sold out of the most useful components.

    It seems that there are some plans on Ponoko for reprap parts. Do you need a prime account with them to get the parts printed?

  2. Nice blog mate.
    good luck with your boards - you're doing a cracking job so far!